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Lifter Installation, does and dont's FAQ
« on: March 14, 2013, 02:49:52 PM »
There have been many questions about our lifters concerning installing, priming and adjusting. We have compiled a few FAQ’s to help with these issues below.

Q). Do I need to soak my new lifters before installing them in my bike.
A). It is not necessary to presoak the lifters. Contrary to information circulation on the internet, no amount of presoaking will ever charge a lifter. The air trapped below in the internal piston can not be filled unless in operation with the full spring pressure and the loading and unloading of the lifter plunger via the push rod. So the best method is to push clean oil into the lifter side hole until it overflows, oil the exterior well and install.

Q). How do I set the preload on a new set of lifters.
A). Since the new lifters do not come recharged, the center lifter plunger will have very little resistance before compressing down the plunger so follow the above install method and when it comes time to set the pushrods, cycle the  front or rear piston with the spark plugs out and check for top dead center. This is done by rotating the rear wheel off the ground with the motorcycle placed in 5th or 6th gear and checking to see when the intake lifter (lifter closest to the piston itself) starts to lower and then using a large tie wrap inserted into the spark plug hole (nothing metal) keep rotating the rear wheel  as if moving the motorcycle forward, until you feel the piston has reached the top of the cylinder and stop just before it starts to descend back down in the cylinder. THIS is TDC (Top Dead Center) when both the intake and exhaust lifter s are resting on the lowest part of the cam lobes.  Then install the adjustable pushrod and extend if slowly until you start to feel resistance from the lifter plunger and all the up and down slack is gone. WARNING, make sure you do not extend the pushrod anymore then necessary to make contact with the center piston plunger of the lifter. It must not start pushing the plunger down but only resting on it with no up and down slack. Remember these lifters are NOT charged from the factory. Then extend the pushrod 2.5 turns (SE adjustable pushrods 24TPI) or any other manufacture adjustable pushrod to achieve .100 inches of plunger down displacement. Basically you’re trying to get to the midway point in the plunger top to bottom travel (Total internal piston travel is .200 inches top to bottom). Then lock down the pushrod and continue onto the next exhaust pushrod. Once done, make sure that you are able to rotate both pushrods before rotating the engine. If not, you can risk SERIOUS engine damage. They must spin freely by hand before starting to rotate the engine to complete the next cylinder.

Q). Is it normal that my engine starts clacking like crazy after installing your lifters for the first time.
A). Yes they may clatter like crazy as if the lifters have collapsed. This is normal as the lifters have not fully charged yet. Once the motorcycle has start, DO NOT rev the engine, leave the engine fast idle on its own until you start hearing the lifter clatter start to subside. This may take upwards of 4-5 minutes. Once the clacking has all but subsided, you’re ready to go for a test drive. It may take up to 5 to 10 miles after the engine has warmed up before the lifters are fully pumped up. If it has not, shutdown the engine, let it COMPLETELY cool overnight and redo or recheck the pushrod adjust as explained in the above instructions.  Slight ticking maybe normal once the engine has reached full operating temperature. Depending on engine wear, cam profile, valve spring pressure and oil viscosity, slight lifter tick will be normal. Also make sure you have adequate oil pressure both hot and cold.

Enjoy your HyLift Lifters.
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