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V-Lift - HyLift Johnson lifters for Harley Davidson

V-LIFT HiLift Lifter Kits
- Manufactured by: Parts4PowerToys

Back by popular demand, the original V-Lift Harley Davidson Hylift Johnson lifters are now back. Order your set of stock V-2313 Twin Cam lifters for excellence bleed down specification and higher oil capacity delivery and better cooling for your valves. This is the lifter everyone is looking for. These are the original lifters Harley used before HyLift Johnson closed and moved to Delphi unit. Better built to higher specifications for Harley Davidsons Twin Cams. Now starting from as low as $ 109.00 US for a set of 4 plus shipping and handling.



      Tighter I.D. Grind which makes for a very slow leak down. Also uses our
direct shotoiling system which sends oil directly to the axle and roller needle bearings. Allows for use of higher spring pressure and more RPM capability. Great when using higher profile camshafts.
Order our V-2313-S and    V-2313-SE HIGH performance slow bleed lifters for non stock cams with higher lift and durations and heavy duty springs or our new V-2992-S solid lifters for your serious projects. Built to withstand the higher spring pressures and durations, these are the best there is. Parts4PowerToys is proud to offer made in America products that meet superior quality standards for your Harley Davidson engines. DO NOT compromise, get the best lifters for your Harley Davidson's. This is the lifter Harley wants back. Be the first to have them. Order your set of Qty 4 2313-S, 2313-SE 2303S or 2992-S from $ 129.00 US plus shipping and handling.  For special order kits, please contact us first for pricing.


  • V-2227 :  883cc & 1200cc 1990-98
  • V-2259 :  Special with .765 Body Diameter
  • V-2303 :    Big Twin 1984-1999, forged steel
  • V-2303S : HIGH Performance  for Heavy Springs and high lift cams
  • V-2303-2 : Same as V-2303  ( but for .002 Over Size Bore, special order)
  • V-2313 :    Twin Cam 1999- Up, 2000-up  XL and XR, forged steel
  • V-2313S :  HIGH Performance for Heavy Springs and high lift cams
  • V-2313SE: HIGH Performance lifter for Heavy Springs with NEW EDM oiling passage.
  • V-2313-2 : Same as V-2313 ( but for .002 Over Size Bore, special order)
  • V-2992-S : Same as V-2313 but Solid
  • V-2992-2 : Same as V-2992-S ( but for .002 Over Size Bore)


For special engine applications not listed above, please contact us for special pricing.

See our most popular models below from HyLift for your Harley application.


V-2227 V-2313  /S & /SE V-2303 / S V-2261
* WARNING - Although our lifters will help in reducing valve train noise, it will not correct any underlying mechanical issues - please ensure that all engine valve train components meet required tolerance specifications speficied in the manufactures service manual *

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  • V-2227 Series
    V-2227 Series
  • V-2261 Series
    V-2261 Series
  • V-2303 Series
    V-2303 Series
  • V-2313S Series
    V-2313S Series
  • V-2992-S Solid Lifters
    V-2992-S Solid Lifters